samedi 19 octobre 2013

ACW: 14th Brooklyn ( 84h NY ) in 28mm at the Double Quick

Guys I am excited as I never was for years

Last night I stumble upon maybe the most extraordinary 28mm ACW figures ever !! I do not know who sculpt this and who sells them but the greens are marvelous.

The poses are perfect, the uniforms are excellent and I am very fond of small details such as the officers canteens and cup and binocular case

Faces are exceptional and I am sure I am going to see where I can find these beauties and buy a 24 figures battalion.

It seems the figures will be used for a diorama project of the 84th NY and the 6th Wisconsin rushing the Railway Cut on the first day of Gettysburg

I hope it is not only a personal project and that it is the start of a full range. The horse is superb and all the officers can be used for others units.

If it is a new range well enjoy my friends as it will be the start of a new era for ACW games and collectors

mardi 10 septembre 2013


Introduction......well that is not very original I know.

Ok first of all I think the best thing is to introduce myself and to tell what this blog is intended and dedicated to.

I could simply say that all is in the title but I can not limit myself to this subject even if it is very very rich. Now I am very fond of the Franco Prussian War too but I will speak about that another time

I am fond of the American Civil War and the American Revolution since I am a child. I will always remember my mother and my elder brother buying me Airfix HO Confederate Infantry, AWI British Grenadiers and Washinton's Army;

After that brilliant start, I got some boxes from Airfix Napoleonic series and there I went for years.

So it is not very surprising if I am still painting figures from AWI and ACW ranges: you will see in the following posts that I am really involved in scratch building and converting figures.

About the ranges I am crazy about: Foundry, Perry ( even if the quality of their range varies from "oh my god it is awesome" to " oh my god what is this bucket of crap clearly made by someone else"), Eureka and lately King Mountain. 

I will create links to these ranges and I will certainly speak one day of them to stress what is really interesting and pretty and what is not.

I am currently working on Queens Rangers at the Battle of Monmouth: my good friend Mark Maritato has depicted them in a very different early uniform I found wonderful. So my first article will be based on this

I hope you will enjoy it!